GOP leaders discuss legislative future at annual convention

MANHATTAN, Kan (KSNT)  –  After two days, the 2017 Kansas GOP Convention came to a close with a reception featuring Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. The annual gathering comes just weeks after lawmakers returned to Topeka for what the secretary calls an “interesting” legislative session.

“It’s been an interesting legislative session to watch. Sometimes bills that maybe last legislative session would have moved quickly are moving slowly and bills that would have moved slowly last legislative session are moving very quickly,” said Kobach.

With a good deal of new legislators being elected in November, Kobach said he’s curious to see how this new dynamic will deal with some of the state’s hot-button issues.

“It’s going to be interesting in the next month or so when we start to see some real friction on some of these bills where there’s contention and they start coming up to a floor vote,” said Kobach.

The legislature is looking at quite a few high-profile issues this session including guns on campus, tax reform and school finance; however, due to “friction” Kobach doesn’t foresee the legislature having a productive 2017 session.

On the other hand, Rep. Kevin Jones (R-Wellsville) said he’s enjoying the change in dynamic at the statehouse.

“One of the things I really like is that we’re having the discussion on a lot of things, a lot of issues, a lot of things that are very tough issues, but we are having the discussions,” said Jones.

Moving forward Jones said it’s important for the legislature to turn these discussions in to results. Both Kobach and Jones agree that one of the biggest issues facing the Kansas Republican Party will be delivering results and communicating those results to the public.



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