Kansas Republicans respond to Democratic nomination for the 4th district

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Kansas Republican Party responded to the Kansas Democratic nomination of James Thompson to run for the 4th district congressional seat of Kansas,  formerly held by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

In a statement from Kelly Arnold, Chairman of The Kansas Republican Party, the Kansas GOP said, “Yet again, Kansas Democrats nominate a Nancy Pelosi rubber stamp more concerned with obstruction, massive spending increases, retaining failed Obamacare, and weakening national security than serving the people of the Fourth District.”

Kansas Treasurer Ron Estes is the Republicans’ pick as their nominee for a special election to fill the Kansas congressional seat.
The statement went on to say:
“Ron Estes is an engineer, businessman, grassroots leader, and principled conservative who is committed to finding solutions, repealing Obamacare, balancing the budget, and keeping our nation safe.  That’s why he’s the clear choice for Kansans in the 4th District.”
The April 11 vote will be the nation’s first congressional election since President Donald Trump’s win.

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