Oregon woman blames United Airlines for dog’s death

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A woman says United Airlines is to blame for the death of her dog Jacob.

Kathleen Considine just moved from Michigan to Bend, Oregon. She was flying with Jacob from Detroit to Portland on United Airlines, with a layover in Chicago, in a crate under the plane. The flight from Chicago to Portland was too full, however, to fit Jacob on, and the airline sent the dog to a kennel overnight, for approximately 20 hours.

When Jacob finally arrived in Portland, Considine says the dog was disoriented and non-responsive. They rushed him to a veterinarian who said his stomach had flipped due to the stress of the journey and he had suffocated on his organs.

Considine says the dog underwent a mandatory physical less than 24 hours before his flight and was cleared for travel. Jacob weighed 80 pounds.

In a statement, United Airlines said they are not responsible for the dog’s death and that he showed no signs of distress.

Considine took to Facebook to share her story. Read her full post below.

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