WATCH: See how Fort Riley soldiers train for war

Fort Riley, KAN. (KSNT)-  Soldiers at the Kansas Fort Riley Post have spent the last month in a war zone, not overseas, on base just outside of Junction City.

KSNT News went to see how they prepare for the real deal in their own backyard. Watch the video in this story to get a better idea of what their mock combat training looks like.

For the past three weeks roughly 3,500 soldiers from Fort Riley have been getting their feet wet for what a real war zone would be like in a training called, ‘Danger Focus’, “Everybody is going to get something different out of it,” said Brian Kossler, Battalion Chief for the 1st Infantry Division. “Your brand new soldier who showed up to the company a few months ago, this may be their first large scale training event.”

They practice by replicating conditions as closely as possible to a real battle, complete with military tanks, helicopters, and semi automatic guns. While the training may be full of fake explosions and shots, its all about getting the experience they can before the real deal, “Everybody gets better, everybody learns,” said Ryan Maender, G3 Operations Officer for the 1st Infantry Division.” “Everybody leaves this training event better than when they started and I guarantee that’s going to happen. We’ve really put them though the paces and they’ve done phenomenal.”

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