Jackson Heights High School community rallies together after loss of classmate

JACKSON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – The Jackson Heights High School community is coming together after the loss of a 16-year-old girl killed in a car crash.

Friends are remembering Afton Burdick. Burdick was a high school student at Jackson Heights. She was killed in a car crash Friday afternoon. It happened at the intersection that leads right up to the high school. Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says a semi crashed into the car she was driving.

“It was right before I was playing basketball so I was shaking,” Alyssa Keehn, a friend of Afton Burdick said.

“Did you believe it?” KSNT News Reporter Tom Weineck asked.

“Still don’t,” Keehn said.

“I tried to call her no answer…” Austin Mock, a friend of Burdick said.

A life – tragically lost…

“She was very nice she got a long with everyone,” Conlan Bruggeman, another one of Burdick’s friends said.

Burdick would introduce herself to the new kids at her school.

“She would comfort them make them feel like they have been here forever,” Mock said.

“She’d always find a way to make you laugh when you are upset or find a way to make the situation where you are laughing and can’t stop,” Mikayla Coop, one of Afton Burdick’s friends said.

All of her friends spent their weekend in a different way – reflecting on their friend and classmate.

“We’d hang out at the park all the time when we were young go around the rides on the swing.

And this tragedy still hits home for her friends.

“Just keep our small little school in your prayers,” Bruggeman said.

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