Controversy over home sold in Auburn

AUBURN, Kan. (KSNT) – A house is the center of a lot of controversy. It’s a 3 bedroom house on Washington St. in Auburn, Kansas. But the price tag that it sold for might surprise you.

“We are just kind of upset that there wasn’t a bid on that house and I have the questions of why it didn’t go out on a bid,” Lonnie Baker, a man who was looking to buy the house said.

“The lawnmowers, trucks, stuff like that all go out for bids and why this house didn’t, most of the city’s equipment goes out for bid from what I understand,” Baker said.

The city of Auburn settled on dealing the house away for a mere $5,000 price tag according to Lonnie Baker. That’s $15,000 less than what Baker would have spent.

“It was disappointment, I was kind of mad about it, or really upset about it, I would have had at least had a shot to give them a quote on what I would’ve paid for the house,” Baker said.

Councilman Mike Robinson says the city could have gotten more money by selling the house and they should have done things differently. He also said they could only get a few more thousand dollars for this house.

“We had cash on hand and would’ve paid 4 times that,” Baker continued.

The Shawnee County Appraisers’ website says this house is valued at $98,000. This house being sold for so cheap still leaves him with questions…

“Why was someone else able to buy that house and I didn’t have the opportunity?” Baker said.

KSNT News also tried talking to the Auburn’s Mayor Tim Cochran about the house but he declined to comment.

Lonnie Baker says that he did purchase a different home after not getting the dream house. He says it will be arriving in about 6 weeks.

Councilman Mike Robinson says they will not change their mind on the sale.




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