Law enforcement agencies campaign for safer teen driving


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Law enforcement agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol are preparing to talk with some high school teens for a campaign their hosting. That campaign is their High Visibility Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign to get teens to buckle up and stay off their phones.

There’s over 150 high schools participating and more than 60 counties. This program is also partnering with the Seatbelts Are For Everyone or S.A.F.E. program that students run to educate their classmates.

Along with the S.A.F.E. program KDOT and law enforcement officers have spent more than 20 years educating Kansas teens on the dangers of driving without a seat belt. The KDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety and Technology is leading this 2 week awareness campaign. They’re hoping it’ll decrease serious injuries and deadly crashes by teens to increase their use of seat belts. Law enforcement officers say they’ll be giving citations to any individual who is speeding, texting or failing to buckle up.

“Seat belts have been proven to save lives and reduce injuries and that’s why this program is so important,” Jordan Plachecki, Trooper Kansas Highway Patrol said. “And anything that we can do to help educate these teens that that’s the best decision to make then that’s why we’re setting out with this safe program.”

Law enforcement stats showed in 2008 and 2009 61% of teens 15 to 17 wore seat belts. And in 2015, 85% of teens in that same age group buckled up before hitting the roads.

The most important message law enforcement officers in Kansas want to give to teens is to slow down and put the phone away or turn it off, always buckle up and be safe.

Click here to see if the high school in your area is participating.


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