Topeka man thanks 911 callers who saved his life

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka man wants to say thank you to two people he doesn’t know. After a heart attack nearly killed him while walking his dog in the park. Two people saw him and called for help.

“I was just in the park walking the dog and all of sudden I got this eerie feeling something was up,” Tom Hoffman said.

Two people saw Tom Hoffman fall and made the 911 call.

“911, What is the address of your emergency?” the dispatcher said.

“Yes I am calling for a man that has fallen out here at Seabrook Park. He’s fallen down, he’s lying there and waving at cars going by, but they don’t see him,” the caller said.

Shortly after that first call came in… A second call from a concerned neighbor.

“There looks to be an elderly man, he is yelling for help, he’s got a dog with him. Don’t know exactly what is wrong,” another caller said.

“I was screaming help me please somebody come and help me,” Tom Hoffman said.

“Do you think he needs an ambulance?” Dispatch asked.

“He is lying on the ground and not able to get up,” the second caller said.

The first caller even remembered Hoffman — who was suffering from a heart attack — when she called.

“He walks his dog everyday here in the park and evidently he slipped and fell and can’t seem to get up,” the first caller said.

“Ok ma’am we’ve got help on the way,” dispatch said.

Both Hoffman and his daughter Aimee Clark are grateful for the quick thinking of two complete strangers.

“It was a nice act and brought my faith back to humanity,” Hoffman said.

“If they didn’t call my dad could have been laying there for hours maybe even passed away so I just wanted to say thank you cause there are still good people out there,” Aimee Clark, Tom Hoffman’s daughter said.

Hoffman isn’t able to take his dog outside for walks just yet but he is in the process of recovering from the heart attack.

Monday marks two weeks since Tom Hoffman had his heart attack. He goes back to the doctor this week, and hopes to get a clean bill of health.

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