Affidavit released in baby Sophia kidnapping case

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – KSNW-TV is learning new details about the case of Yesenia Sesmas. Sesmas is accused of killing Laura Abarca-Nogueda at a west Wichita apartment in November. She then allegedly took the woman’s daughter, Sofia, who was six days old at the time.

KSNW-TV obtained court documents that had been sealed in the case. The document details evidence that led police to Sesmas.

It lists a coordinated effort with Wichita and Dallas police and help from the FBI to track cell phone records to Dallas where Sesmas was arrested. The document details text messages that Abarca and Sesmas had the day before Abarca was killed. Sesmas said she was planning to visit.

In an interview with Wichita and Dallas police, the affidavit says that, “Yesenia advised that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage when she was five months along. Yesenia said she didn’t tell anyone about the miscarriage and she faked a pregnancy to her boyfriend LSA and family.”

The document goes on to say Yesenia, “purchased a firearm for $450.00 and took the firearm with her in case she had to threaten Laura for the baby.”

It says she “visited Laura and her baby at their home on Brunswick on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 and went back the next day when Laura was alone in the apartment with the baby.

According to the document, “Yesnia said she confronted Laura about giving the baby to her, but Laura refused and said Yesenia was crazy.”

In that interview, Yesenia said she became angry and had her gun with her, but “Yesenia advised Laura, said the gun wasn’t real and so Yesenia put her arm around Laura and put the gun up to her head. The gun went off and struck Laura in the forehead.”

The affidavit says Sesmas “put the baby in a diaper bag and put the gun in a laundry basket of sorts and left the apartment in her truck.”

“Yesenia said she stopped on Kellogg and put the baby in her car seat and drove to her home in Texas.”

The affidavit says an FBI task force officer was able to retrieve a cell phone number and ping the location of the phone several times over the course of the next seven hours.

They were able to find the location of Sesmas cell phone, near the Dallas Zoo.

That is where the documents say the Dallas police ultimately found a Dodge pick-up truck.  Dallas police believed it to be the same one caught on surveillance outside Abarca-Nogueda’s apartment.

On November 19th, a search warrant was executed on the residence of the 900 block of Signet Street.

Both Sesmas and Sophia were found inside.

The court documents go on to say a semi-automatic handgun was found in the closet of the bedroom.

The ammunition inside was found to be the same as what was found at the scene of Abarca-Nogueda’s murder on North Brunswick in Wichita.

The affidavit goes on say, “Yesenia said she planned to move to Mexico with her boyfriend and raise the baby as her own.”

KSN spoke briefly with Abarca-Nogueda’s brother, Jose, late Monday night.

He says the affidavit shows how good of person his sister was, that she didn’t see evil in anyone or believe that somebody was ever going to harm her.

Sesmas currently remains behind bars, on a two million dollar bond.

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