Gusty winds and rain on tap for today

Strong winds at Seaman High School. Photo by Diane Albert.

**Fire weather warning in effect from 12 pm until 6 pm today for Douglas, Lyon, Osage, Franklin, Coffey, and Anderson counties.**

Temperatures ranged from the 40s into the 60s this morning as you were waking up, and even though temperatures will warm up slightly throughout the day, there will still be quite a range. We’re tracking anywhere from mid 50s for our northwestern areas, such as Concordia, to the mid 70s for our southeastern areas. The culprit behind this significant difference in high temperatures for today will be the wind direction.

As our next cold front pushes through, winds will eventually shift to be out of the northwest for all of northeast Kansas. But before that happens, our northwestern counties will get that first taste of northwesterly winds throughout the day. That filter of cooler air will only allow them to get into the 50s for today. Whereas southerly flow will filter in warmer temperatures, especially for our southeastern counties where highs in the 70s are expected. Those winds will be relatively breezy throughout the day, but gusts exceeding 30 mph are possible at times.

Otherwise, we’re tracking our rain chances for today. There is the possibility of a few pop light rain showers early today, but the main bulk of rain will hold off until later this evening. A quick moving system will provide a more widespread chance of rain across the region. A couple of thunderstorms are possible, particularly for our eastern counties. Rumbles of thunder may be heard in spots, while areas to the north of I-70 could see some snowflakes. We’re tracking overnight lows that will get awfully close to that freezing mark of 32°, which would allow the rain to transition over to snow during the early morning hours of Wednesday. Snow accumulations look to be light to next to nothing due to this being a quick moving weather maker. Any snow that does stick will be short lived as we’ll gradually clear out throughout the day, with highs near 50°.

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