Local fire crews take shelter with neighbors during storm

SHANWEE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) – A wild night for local fire crews, turned even crazier when tornado sirens sounded in Shawnee County, Monday.

Fire crews from Solider Township and Silver Lake fire departments, came together to battle a grass fire.

Instead, they found themselves seeking shelter from locals, as a tornado developed.

Solider Township fire fighter, Larkin Downing said, “we were definitely a little bit lost and out of our territory looking for a place to go, so…that was a big helping hand.”

Downing was just one of the firefighters working to put out the flames of the Shawnee County wildfire.

With the storm blowing in, crews had no choice but to seek shelter any place they could.

One man watching it all unfold from his front yard, got quite the surprise when fire crews pulled into his driveway and asked if they could take refuge inside.

Of the gentleman, Larkin told KSNT news, “he seemed a tad bit confused!” But went on to say he was happy to help.

Crews were safe and accounted for Tuesday.



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