Topeka family says teen was just an, ‘Innocent person who got shot’

Topeka, Kan. (KSNT)- Family and friends of  a Topeka teen that was killed in a shooting over the weekend have one thing they want the community to know about Kianna.

“She wasn’t in a gang,” said Dannei Caciea, Kianna’s cousin. “I know there’s stories flip flopping around. She wasn’t in a gang. She was just an innocent person that got shot.” Hodge’s family and friends worry that even though the 18-year-old’s gone, her reputation will be tied to being affiliated with a gang, “They weren’t supposed to be hit,” said Emily Quinton, Kianna’s aunt when talking about the bullets that took the life of her niece. “They weren’t meant for them.”

Quinton says Kianna was with three girlfriends the night of the shooting. The trio were on their way to a party, and leaving a house in central Topeka when out of nowhere bullets started hitting their car, “They were in shock and they didn’t know where to go,” said Quinton. “They just were driving and Reser’s was the biggest place that they saw, so that’s why the pulled in there.” The trio pulled in to the food plant, to find Kianna and another women in the car had been shot.

Dannei Cecia, Kianna’s cousin told KSNT News one of the victims in the care did CPR on Kianna, “They thought she was going to come back.” Sadly Kianna had already passed, she was officially pronounced dead on the scene when first responders arrived. The other women in the car who was shot was taken to the hospital, and is expected to be okay.

A week after turning 18, Kianna Hodge took her last breath. Her family says the shooting that killed her was intended for another car passing by, “If they just happened to be driving on the other side of town they wouldn’t have been there,” Quinton said.

Had things been different, maybe today Kianna would have been fulfilling her dream of becoming a cosmetologist, “She was looking forward to going to college and getting her first job,”  Quinton said. Her dream cut short, but she leaves behind memories and good times her friends like Melody Grubbs will cherish forever, “She was a very fun person she always wanted to do something.” And she lived her life by the motto, life is too short not to have fun, “She is always told me life is too short, I feel like deaths upon me, I was like don’t say that,” said Caciea. “I just feel like she knew she was going to die. That’s why she kept telling everybody I love you, I love you. ”

At this time Topeka Police have not released any information on whether anyone has been arrested for shooting and killing Kianna. Three other men in another car were also shot the night Kianna died. All of those men are expected to be okay.

If you would like to help Kianna’s family pay for funeral expenses, you can donate at the GoFundMe page by clicking HERE. Or by donating to the Penwell-Gabel – Mid-Town Chapel in Topeka.


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