Behind the scenes of severe weather

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Weather spotters are trained to help keep people safe. With Monday’s severe weather event – these are the people behind the scenes helping keep you safe.

When severe weather strikes… More people are playing a part in helping the KSNT Storm Track Weather Team… Especially chasing the storms.

“It’s the thrill of it, the thrill of it, nothing like standing underneath a super cell and just seeing mother nature and all her glory,” Kyle Soldani, a KSNT News storm chaser said.

“It’s a hobby and I enjoy the adrenaline rush that you get with the whole aspect of chasing storms,” Dillon Killoren, a KSNT News storm chaser said.

They are the eyes and ears for the team helping us tell you what you need to know.

“Having a team of people that are dedicated to giving us that information so that we can pass that on to the viewers and it makes a huge impact on what coverage we can provide,” KSNT News Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller said.

“You are helping others not be so scared of the storm because there are people that are scared of storms and stuff to be able to be the one out there telling them hey this is what is going on it’s just kind of a good feeling,” Killoren said.

This past Monday’s severe weather was a first taste at what could be in store.

“It was a really good you know get your feet wet, you know it’s been a long winter we really haven’t had a winter, but when October was your last chase it feels like wow it’s been a long time,” Killoren said.

Some of the storm chasers have been working with KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Matt Miller for nearly 10 years.

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