KU, K-State fans excited as teams punch their tickets to Big Dance

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Fans are gearing up for the NCAA Tournament. After Sunday’s bracket decision – both KU and K-State made the cut. This has fans of both teams thinking about their team’s chance in the big dance.

Both KU and K-State are heading to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this year. The Jayhawks will be representing the number one seed in the Midwest.

“I’m very excited to see our guard oriented team like Frank Mason and got a lot of dynamic players that hopefully come in,” Dylan Schumacher said.

The Wildcats cut it close this year – making it to the big dance in the round of 68.

“They get to keep playing, there has been years in the past, many years in the past where as soon as the big 12 or the big 8 tournament was over if you’re a K-State fan your season was over,” Andy Brunnen, a K-State fan said.

For KU and K-State men’s basketball fans, their seasons aren’t over and their fans are hoping for the best.

“It’s what, 13 in a row in the big 12 but I’d really like to get to the Final Four, I think this is a good group to do it with and got some older people and be good to finally get there again,” Schumacher said.

Something both KU and K-State fans can agree on.

“As a K-State fan, yeah, going to the Final Four is overdue as well, so yeah I’ll take one or two wins and go to the sweet sixteen you bet,” Brunenn said.

This had one K-State fan reflecting on when he last went to a tournament game.

“5, 6 years ago when they went to the Elite 8, I went to those games,” Brunenn said.

But Brunenn won’t be attending them this year…

“My seats never taken,” Brunenn said. “That’s always a good thing, might get some friends and watch some of the games see how long they last.”

One KU fan is hopeful that they make it far – so he can see the tipoff of a great matchup.

“I might actually go to the Sweet 16, Elite 8 if we make it to the Sprint Center,” Schumacher said.

K-State and KU fans both agree they hope their respective teams do well this year.

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