Flat tax bills do little to stir lawmakers

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – As the state faces projected budget shortfalls of more than a projected $1 billion within the next couple of years, one of the proposed ideas moving through the statehouse is a flat tax where everyone would pay the same amount in taxes.

However, it was mostly quiet in committee Monday afternoon, as the two proposed versions of the bill did not seem to garner much support.

The move comes from more conservative lawmakers who believe that it’s a step forward to fixing Kansas budget woes.

Kansas currently uses a two bracket system, with the bottom rate at 2.7 percent and a top rate of 4.6 percent.

But lawmakers want to reduce it to just one bracket, and all workers would pay the same income tax rate.

Groups also say that the tax bills would only generate a small amount of revenue- not near enough to fill in the budget gap.

One bill would tax income at 3.9 percent- generating an additional $25 million next year, and another $82 million the year after. The other would tax income at five percent for single filers who earn more than $10,000.

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