Random drug tests might be coming for the Shawnee Heights school district

TECUMSEH, Kan. (KSNT) – Board members are discussing if students should be randomly tested for drugs throughout the school year. If approved, students would be given a random number and then randomly selected throughout the year by giving a hair sample for the test.

Only students who do extra-curricular activities and have parking passes would be chosen. Students would be tested for weed, cocaine and other prescription drugs that’s are commonly abused.

Shawnee Heights School Board member, Eric Deitcher said the policy would help the district overall.

“I feel that this policy is a tool. I mean this is not the solution to the drug problems that we face, but it is a tool that will help us address the issue.” Shawnee Heights School Board member

If students test positive the first time, they’ll be suspended for 3 weeks and lose parking privileges. Students would also be referred to prevention and recovery services and go through 5 follow up tests in 90 to 100 day increments.

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