Friend of man slain in Congo remembers Michael Sharp

WICHITA, Kan., (KSNW) – Tuesday afternoon we got the somber update of the Hesston tied man that was kidnapped in the Congo; authorities have confirmed that his body has been found. Michael Sharp, another UN expert and a Congolese man who had been traveling with them were all found dead.

All three went missing March 12th along with two other UN workers that have not been found. 34-year-old Sharp was last seen in the central region of the The Congo in the Kasai province, doing peace work through the UN. Today, I spoke with former classmate of Michael, whose thoughts are with the family.

“I met him back in 2004. We both attended EMU together; he as a good friend, also a good colleague,” said Mukendi.

He is also a native of the region, now saddened to learn that Michael’s body was among those found in the area.

“If I can just express my condolences to Michael and to John Michele and the entire family in Kansas It’s painful,” said Mukendi.

Mukendi works for the Congolese Chamber of Commerce and tells us he’s very familiar with the peace work Michael was trying to accomplish to stop the violence.

“So many have been killed, about roughly 400 people have been killed since December 2016; more then 200 people have been displaced at the wake of that conflict,” said Mukendi.

Now he hopes that Michael’s mission towards a peaceful Congo can one day be realized.

“There’s actually ways, peaceful ways, to resolve the conflict and not to use oppressive means to kill innocent civilians,” said Mukendi.

At this time, there’s no word or memorial plans.

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