Rounds of rain may cause flooding

Flooding in Norton County. Courtesy: Norton Co. Emergency Management Facebook Page.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – With rounds of rain comes potential flooding. Emergency crews are on standby for the duration of the flood watch.

Shawnee County Emergency Management offers some areas to look out for when heavy rain occurs:

  • Shunga Creek between Branner Trafficway and Lake Sherwood. With a large amount of concrete and hard surfaces surrounding that area there is considerable runoff which impacts Shunga Creek.
  • In northwestern Shawnee County keep a watch on the Cross Creek watershed that runs through Rossville. This area sees a lot of water coming from both Pottawtomie and Jackson County.
  • Keep a watch on Soldier Creek near the Jackson County line and to the south into Shawnee County for those areas that are not a part of the levee system.
  • Roads in the northeast parts of Shawnee County can be a problem if Muddy Creek comes out of its banks.
  • Keep a watch on the Wakarusa River at Jordan Road because that river drains a large area. Look at the low lying areas that have streets and roads going through them near the river.

In the city of Topeka:

  • 6/Polk area
  • 2/Golden at the Rail Bridge
  • Along the low spots on Huntoon Street
  • Railroad Bridge on 29th street
  • 29/Van Buren
  • Any other areas where the drainage system is handling as much as it can and is pooling.




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