Sabetha plays first baseball, softball games in school history

SABETHA (KSNT) – After years of trying, the Sabetha Blue Jays now have two new spring sports. Thursday was the inaugural games for both the baseball and softball teams against the Holton Wildcats.

“It’s indescribable really,” said Sabetha baseball coach Aaron Frey. It’s just fantastic and I think it’s a great privilege.”

“Extra-curricular activities are a lot more important than sometimes we read about in the newspaper,” said Sabetha booster Kent Saylor.

Somerset Park was opened in June of 2007. It’s had their fair-share of American Legion games, but never a Sabetha high school team. However, nearly one decade later all that has changed. And the two families who donated their time, money, and commitment to the city, couldn’t be happier.

“I’m not sure if I could envision this day,” said Sabetha booster Stan Keim. “I didn’t know quite what was going to happen but we just wanted to put together a program with a nice place to play where kids could spend their summer and play a lot of baseball.”

“About two years ago we all got together and said that maybe it’s time to work with the city, and work with the Keim’s to come up with a plan to support both programs,” said Saylor.

“The young people have bought into it and now we get to do it in high school and I’m very excited for them,” said Keim.

Sabetha jumps into Big Seven league play and gives its students another opportunity to get involved in athletics, which makes coaches throughout the league excited about the future.

“I think it’s a great deal that all of our league schools are going to have baseball starting next year,” said Holton head coach Joe Purcell. “Sabetha getting it this year, and Hiawatha is going to add it next year. All schools are going to have baseball and it’s a good thing.”

“They see most of these kids in Legion and of course in football, basketball, and wrestling so it’s good to be able to compete in the league,” said Frey.

“The facilities are fantastic,” said Purcell. “It’s one of the nicest facilities in the state.”

“It is absolutely beautiful,” said Frey. “We are so appreciative to get to play and compete here. It’s really nice.”

“I could go on-and-on about the community,” said Keim. “They’ve been tremendous in all of this. They volunteer their time for this and for the young people. This is the place where other towns, including Nebraska and Kansas, they want to come play.”

“You can see the results,” said Saylor. “Now we want to use them more.”

04/06/17 Final Scores:
Holton 8
Sabetha 9

Holton 4
Sabetha 7

Holton 19
Sabetha 1

Holton 18
Sabetha 0

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