Erratic driver concerns Topekans

Image from a video posted by Topeka Road Cam on YouTube showing a person in a CRV changing lanes in an intersection.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – One driver in Topeka is causing concerns among many in the community.

KSNT News has received multiple Report!t emails about a woman driving a Honda CRV recklessly throughout the capital city.  Many of the reports are from people having close encounters with a woman in southwest Topeka.  Items have been posted on a Facebook group called Police Scanner Group of Topeka where there have been reports of this woman running people off the road, causing traffic issues such as driving the wrong way on the street, stopping in the middle of the street and almost running into people.

One post on the Police Scanner Group of Topeka group shows the vehicle facing the wrong way and blocking a McDonald’s drive thru in southeast Topeka.

Another video posted on YouTube by the group Topeka Road Cam shows the woman in the CRV making a lane change through an intersection on southwest Gage Boulevard and suddenly slam on her brakes while failing to properly use  a turning lane. 

Ally Ortiz-Teske says the woman in the CRV hit her about a month ago on SW 21st Street.

“It was actually a hit & run, by chance I saw the original Facebook thread in the scanner group from January describing her and the vehicle.”

Ortiz-Teske says that same evening she came across a live post about her being picked up.

After meeting the officer at the station the following day, they went to the impound lot and determined from the damage to her vehicle, that it was in fact her that hit me.”

Ortiz-Teske says the driver of the CRV did receive a citation following that incident.

KSNT News confronted the accused woman at her home in Tecumseh who declined to talk on camera and says she has done nothing wrong.

Topeka Police said they’ve given her three citations already this year.

“”In fact, the most recent as of early March and so those citations are going through due process with the court system,” said Sgt. Colleen Stuart.

In many ways Stuart said the problem is out of their hands. She said they can write her citations and request that she be retested for driving; however, the final decision to revoke her license ultimately lies with the state. Still, she said it’s important for drivers to report problems to the police.

KSNT News will continue to update as new details develop.


CORRECTION: Earlier KSNT News posted that the posts on Facebook were from a group called Topeka Police Scanner.  It has now been corrected to the correct Facebook group Police Scanner Group of Topeka.


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