More nice weather ahead of Easter rain chances

After a rather frosty start to our Tuesday, we’re tracking another nice day all across Northeast Kansas – complete with sunshine and seasonal temperatures. Our average high temperature for this time of the year is warming seemingly by the day – it’s now up to 65°. Today, most places will top out right around that seasonal standard! Also expect the winds to be much lighter today. In fact, a rare east wind won’t be much stronger than 5-10 mph today.

Today will be the coolest day of the week, as temperatures slowly warm heading into the holiday weekend. Above average temperatures come with a price, though…rain chances. There doesn’t seem to be any wash-outs in the extended forecast, but the threat for rain will exist Thursday through next Monday. At this point, widespread severe weather doesn’t seem to be an issue either. We’ll literally just have passing showers and an off crack of thunder, heading into Easter Weekend. The best chance for widespread rain looks to be on Friday. Some spots might pick-up half-an-inch of rain. And despite the additional cloud cover and numerous rain chances, highs will approach 80° by Saturday! So, there will be a few windows of time where we see some sunshine in the extended forecast too. It’s just going to be one of those classic April weeks where you’ll need to have the umbrella handy at all times – otherwise a t-shirt and shorts will do just fine!

It’s also worth mentioning that rain chances will drop considerably by Easter. Even though we’ve added a 20% chance for rain on Easter Sunday, the overall threat for soaking rain is very small. In fact, the rain chances look fairly meager early next week too – as Monday’s rain chance sits at 20%. Things can change over the next several (and likely will), but there’s no real storm system on the horizon. We’re getting ourselves into a week-long weather pattern of a direct feed from the Pacific Ocean. We call this ‘zonal flow’ – and all that means is an increase in moisture (consistent chance for showers) and mild temperatures (it’s warm on the West Coast and that air will be zipping through our region too). We’ll take the timing of any/all rain chances on a day-by-day basis so you know exactly what to expect and when! Stay tuned as we fine-tune the extended forecast in the coming days! Have those pastel umbrellas and Easter bonnets at the ready, though!

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information across Northeast Kansas. Be sure to check back for regular forecast updates, as countless rain chances slide in later this week. You can also download our KSNT Storm Track Weather App for free right here. It’s also available (for free) on your local mobile marketplace – Android, iPhone, etc. It’s the very best way to get an up-to-the-minute forecast on-the-go! No matter where you are, we’re always watching and always tracking!

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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