Proposed increased KU student fee now in the hands of students

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) — A group of University of Kansas students are trying to spread the word that a campus project will not benefit the students in the long run.

“KU Against Rising Tuition” held an informational session Tuesday evening about the proposed plan to increase the university’s student fee by an additional $100 for the next 30 years.

The increased fees would go towards a 12-thousand square foot expansion project in the union.

The group’s President, Lev Comolli said the plan is marketed to students as a “take all or nothing” narrative and that the project is going to be what the group calls a “bad mortgage.”

“We believe that “Redo Your U” is a marketing campaign. Furthermore, we believe this bill is not affordable. Nor is it necessary and actually we find troubling as It has not been transparent nor has it been fair to uphold KU traditions and regulations as a collision on campus.”

He added that the campus is smaller since their last expansion in 2007, which puts into question the need for expanding.

The Kansas Union Marketing team has been behind this fee push, which was introduced last year.

Students head to the polls Wednesday and Thursday to make the final decision.

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