CRV driver currently on diversion for unsafe driving

This is a screenshot from a video on the Topeka Road Cam YouTube page of a near accident with the driver of a blue CRV

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  A woman accused of reckless driving in Topeka is already on diversion for a moving violation from last year. Patricia McDonald of Tecumseh drives a blue 2008 Honda CR-V. Stories of her reckless driving have been documented on the Police Scanner Group of Topeka on Facebook.

“She needs some kind of punishment because she is going to do it again and she’s going to keep doing it and what if she actually causes a wreck,” said Brooklynn Jones of Topeka.

Jones narrowly avoided an accident with McDonald’s CR-V last week in southeast Topeka.

KSNT News searched through McDonald’s traffic record and found that she’s been cited over 20 times for traffic violations going back to 1996. This includes seven speeding tickets, two of which were in a school zone. There’s also an inattentive driving and DUI conviction in 2003, which she received a diversion.

This latest diversion was after a case in May 2016 where she was stopped in the middle of the road. That case was finalized in October 2016. According to the Topeka Municipal Court website, McDonald has been ticketed five times since then.

McDonald is due in court April 19th for citations including reckless driving, unsafe turning and leaving the scene of an accident.

KSNT News is currently looking into why someone with a record this long would be allowed to keep their license. McDonald’s license is currently valid through December 2018.

KSNT News has tried twice to speak with McDonald and get her side of the story. She asked us to leave.

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