CRV driver says “that’s not me”

This is a screenshot from a video on the Topeka Road Cam YouTube page of a near accident with the driver of a blue CRV

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  A woman accused of driving erratically in Topeka believes she’s done nothing wrong. Multiple posts on the Police Scanner Group of Topeka on Facebook have accused the woman of driving recklessly in her blue 2008 Honda CRV. KSNT News confronted the woman at her home in Tecumseh. While she declined to talk with us on camera, she said she has done nothing wrong.

We showed the accused woman a video posted on the Topeka Road Cam YouTube page of a near accident. She denied that was her vehicle, although the license plate matched the CRV in her driveway.

“As I came up on the median, she just abruptly turned into my lane and cut off three cars and sent me into the median and into the Jimmy Johns parking lot,” said Chris Cochran of Tecumseh.

Cochran lives around four miles from the woman in Tecumseh. He said he’s been in two accidents involving her. The first was in May 2016.

“She was trying to come in my lane… no blinker, no nothing where I had to slam on my brakes for her to not hit my truck because she had kids in the back,” said Brooklynn Jones of Topeka.

Jones said she encountered the woman just last week while driving in southeast Topeka.

“I think she needs to go to jail and realize what she’s doing,” said Jones.

Topeka Police said they’ve given her three citations already this year.

“”In fact, the most recent as of early March and so those citations are going through due process with the court system,” said Lt. Colleen Stuart.

In many ways Stuart said the problem is out of their hands. She said they can write her citations and request that she be retested for driving; however, the final decision to revoke her license ultimately lies with the state. Still, she said it’s important for drivers to report problems to the police.

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