KU students vote “no” on raising student fees

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – University of Kansas students voted “no” on paying an extra $50 a semester to enhance the Kansas Memorial Union.

The KU Elections Commission announced the results Friday night after two days of voting. There is no word yet on how close the races were.

If the referendum were to have passed, more entertainment, study, and meeting areas would have been added. Organizers for the increase also wanted to add more gender inclusive rest rooms and maintenance behind the walls and to the building’s foundation. KSNT News talked to a couple students to get their opinion on raising student fees.

“One, our dining hall closes at 3 p.m.and the only other dining option in the entire student union is Panda Express and that closes at 6 p.m.,” University of Kansas student, Collin Cox said “So for students who want to come and study that options not available there.”

“I think that’s something they should go to their donor’s for, launch a campaign like they’ve done in years past for other things, I don’t see why it’s necessary to put it on the backs of students,” University of Kansas student, Max Vandyke said.

The renovations would have taken 12 to 15 months to plan and design. After that, construction would have started in the fall of 2019, lasting for 18 months.

Officals with the KU Elections commission say official percentages are expected to go out this Wednesday.

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