Fort Riley soldier surprises son after returning from Afghanistan

WAMEGO, Kan. (KSNT) – A 6-year-old in Wamego got a big surprise when his father, a soldier at Fort Riley, showed up at school after returning home from an overseas deployment.

Michelle Kennedy shared with KSNT News the video of her husband Jeffrey Kennedy surprising their son Connor last Wednesday at Central Elementary School.

Michelle said her husband is a Black Hawk pilot and was returning home from Afghanistan after an 8-month deployment.  She said her husband has been in the United States Army for almost 18 years and has been deployed to Afghanistan three times and once to Iraq.

“Jeff has been deployed a lot during Connor’s life,” said Michelle. “I actually gave birth two weeks after he left for his first 12-month deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

Michelle said with Connor being older this time around, it was definitely the hardest deployment for him.

“He and his dad are very close and he missed him so much,” she said.


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