Warm weather before big time weekend splash

We’re tracking the return of south winds to Northeast Kansas today. Sky conditions will be a bit more cloudy than yesterday – we’ll go with ‘partly/mostly cloudy.’ The battle between the sun and clouds won’t stop the highs from warming, though. Expect highs flirting with 80° by 5/6pm. Something to always keep in mind is our average high temperature for this time of the year. Not only does it add context, but it gives us a benchmark of what’s ‘normal’ for this time of the year. Our average high temperature is warming – but it still sits in the upper 60s (67° to be exact). Today won’t even be the warmest day of the week – in fact, tomorrow will be. Highs will soar into the middle 80s on Wednesday afternoon, before a big cool-down spills in…just in time for the weekend.

The reason we’ll be cooler for the weekend is rain…and a lot of it. We’ll get to that late-week rain chance in a bit – first we want to talk about storm chances for today and tomorrow. Almost everyone in Northeast Kansas is dry (again) today. However, there’s an isolated chance for a passing storm near the Nebraska state-line. The same isolated chance exists out in N. Central Kansas today – so our NW counties might see a passing thunderstorm. Regardless, severe weather is NOT likely today. Tomorrow poses our next best chance for fairly widespread rain (although recent computer models are trending drier and drier). We’ll remain dry almost all day on Wednesday, before a line of showers and storms breaks out over our neck of the woods. Severe weather is fairly likely with this round Wednesday evening – the pattern looks sort of similar to last Saturday night. Locally heavy rain, gusty winds and even some large hail are the primary threats in terms of severe weather. As we alluded to above, even Wednesday’s stronger storm chance is not a ‘slam dunk’ – recent computer models are trying to push most of the storms north of our area. Stay tuned.

If you love soaking rain, don’t you worry because there is a ‘slam dunk’ still waiting in the extended forecast. A heavy, soaking rain is just waiting for Friday evening. As of right now, it looks like our next ‘springtime soaker’ gets started on Friday evening and won’t let up until Saturday evening – that’s a solid 24 hours with a fairly steady rain. Plan on chalking Saturday up to a ‘washout’ and depending on the time of your Friday evening plans, those might be soggy too. Highs will be in the 80s through mid-week, but then they slowly fall into the 60s on Thursday and then they bottom out in the 50s with all of the rain heading into the weekend. There is some good news for gardeners and area green thumbs, and that’s NO FROST in the forecast. Overnight lows will only get as cold as the middle 40s over the next 7-10 days. We aren’t confident that there won’t be another frost this season, but as every week goes by the threat for a hard freeze drops significantly.

For what it’s worth, ‘mostly sunny’ skies will return on Sunday and will stick around for a few days. That’s great news, because we’ll definitely need to dry-out after all of the rain on Friday night and Saturday! Look for highs to rebound into the 70s early next week too. Stick around as we fine-tune the extended forecast and make tweaks as we see fit, in the coming days!

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information across Northeast Kansas. Be sure to check back for regular forecast updates, as more shower and storm chances move in later this week. You can also download our KSNT Storm Track Weather App for free right here. It’s also available (for free) on your local mobile marketplace – Android, iPhone, etc. It’s the very best way to get an up-to-the-minute forecast on-the-go! No matter where you are, we’re always watching and always tracking!

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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