Emporia National Guard soldier receives Purple Heart

FORT RILEY, Kan. (KSNT) — Sargent Jason Webb received a purple heart medal after being injured almost six years ago in Kuwait. Webb spent his time overseas not only in Kuwait but in Iraq as well.  It was during his tour In the Middle East where he experienced a tragedy that no soldier wants to experience.

“My vehicle I was riding in was hit by an IED and during that I received a head injury,” Jason Webb said.

After being hit, doctors diagnosed Webb with having a traumatic brain injury. Since he’s been deployed and got injured, Webb says the experience has changed his life.

“We know when we put on this uniform that is what we…that’s the chance we take,” Jason Webb said. “We put on the uniform for all kinds of different reasons. I put on the uniform because I truly do love this country.”

Webb grew up in Emporia and is now a police officer there. Now, he can take home his medal representing his bravery, strength and courage he has for fighting for America.

“It’s an honor to get an award like this, but in the same token, it’s not one going in the military you ever want to receive,” Jason Webb said.

To receive a purple heart is something that others don’t experience since they never make it back home. Seeing Webb receive this medal brought tears to his wife.  .

“While I’m very proud that he was able to receive his award, I’m more grateful that he was here to receive his award,” Laura Webb said.

After receiving his purple heart medal, Webb says he’ll continue to do his duties for the National Guard. His wife will be heading out for deployment later in the year.

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