Meter mayhem in Manhattan

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Over 700 residents in Manhattan received gas bills over the last few months that were up to ten times higher than usual.

One person KSNT News talked to, received a bill of $632.12, when their previous bill was $62.18. 

Dave Darling, a Property Management Business Owner said, “I have never seen a bill that high.”

The price increase just wasn’t adding up, so KSNT News investigated why The Kansas Gas Service was billing people so much more than normal. We found that it came down to one person, the person who reads your meter.

Steven Champan, a Manhattan resident, says he asked an employee at Kansas Gas Service how the meter-reading errors were occurring.

“The man who checks my meter just didn’t get out of his vehicle to check it physically. He just put numbers in and left.”

In a statement, Kansas Gas Service Communications Manager Dawn Tripp said, “we have determined that meter readings for certain meter routes throughout the winter months were incorrect. We have since obtained accurate readings for the meters in the affected area and the corrections are reflected in the customer’s March or April billing statement, depending on the billing cycle.”

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