New controversy surrounds fate of shelter dog in Manhattan

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Public pressure is rising in Manhattan for the city to release a dog named Buck from one of its shelters, but as support for the pooch rises one former shelter worker says she thinks the shelter is being treated unfairly.

The City of Manhattan is holding this German Shorthaired Pointer named Buck under quarantine after biting a 2-year-old girl. But Chris Soupene says the dog deserves a second chance.

“I have numerous rescues in the area that are more than willing to take that dog.”

Chris has partnered with Emily Fawcett who owns the Pamper Pet, an animal rescue in Junction City.

“I don’t believe in bad dogs. I just don’t.”

Emily says she is licensed and willing to take responsibility for Buck but the city isn’t budging.

“Literally, they opened at 1 o’clock, they were letting the public in and when we tried to come through the door they would literally lock us out.”

The city says it’s the shelter’s policy not to adopt out dogs who have a tendency to attack unprovoked, so at the end of his 10 day quarantine Buck is expected to be put to sleep.

“We do not take it lightly. We do not do it with joy,” said Sarina Irwin.

Sarina Irwin worked at the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter where Buck is being held for 5 years.

Sarina said the shelter did everything by the book and should not be blamed for what happened. While she says it’s unfortunate she doesn’t believe Buck should be given a second chance.

“To adopt out a dog that’s bit hard enough to cause stitches, I wouldn’t want that dog around. People are saying we could do this or that, but you never know.”

But Emily said Buck would be able to thrive with someone like Chris by his side.

“Chris is familiar with the breed. He’s familiar with Buck. He doesn’t have any children. After we do the evaluation and some training and everything like that why not give Buck a second chance at life.”

City officials say they are investigating Buck’s case and will continue to into next week. Buck will be under quarantine through May 5, 2017.




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