Someone You Should Know: Alexis Delgado

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Whether she’s up at the crack of dawn or staying up way past her bed time, a local teens homework never stops.

It’s not her teachers overloading her, she’s assigning it herself…and it has paid off.

Meet 17-year-old genius Alexis Delgado. In a few weeks she won’t be walking through the doors of Shawnee Heights High School anymore.

“It is surreal.”

The shawnee heights senior will be graduating with her college completely paid for.

“If you look really closely you can see there is two pins right there.”

Doing this is how she won her scholarship. Presenting her special research projects using cockroaches and crickets.

“It’s really nice.”

But if you ask her how many awards she’s won.

“Haha, quite a few I haven’t tallied them up yet.”

Even when she was little girl, the hard science classes a lot of people struggle with came easy for Alexis.

“I’m sitting in my bio class and everyone’s asking me why I’m done and, I was like you don’t know this.”

Her passion for science didn’t fall far from the tree.

“my mom’s side of the family, all the women in the family are in the medical field.”

But it was when one of the women in her family had a medical scare, she knew exactly what kind of doctor she wanted to be.

“I want to be a pediatric neurologist.”

Alexis’ little sister had to fight her life when she was born 10 weeks early.

“When she was in the ICU she had really bad lungs, and they were monitoring her heart like crazy, but they weren’t necessarily worried about her brain function and a lot of preemies have a hard time with retention in school.”

Now that her sister is 9, Alexis has noticed how her sister struggles in school.

“You know something that would take her one or two class periods would take her 4 or 5.”

Alexis plans on discovering someway to help babies, like her sister. Big plans, and a big future for someone who hasn’t even graduated high school yet.

Alexis will attend Avila University in the fall with a full ride scholarship. No doubt she will go far.

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