Flooding concerns for Downtown Topeka businesses

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)-   The rainy weather across Northeast Kansas can mean flooded basements for many downtown businesses, and some business owners say the city is to blame.

The owners of Field of Greens and Hazel Hill Chocolates in Downtown Topeka say they have water seep into their basement almost every time it rains. Both businesses have been in that location for years and say this was not an issue before Kansas Avenue was remodeled in 2014.

“2005 is when we started,” said Hazel Hill Chocolates owner Nick Xidis. “So 12 years and up until the remodel we had a dry basement.”

Chris Schultz, owner of Field of Greens, said, “We had some damage done to our building in several different spots and it hasn’t held water the same.”

Both business owners say they’ve been told there used to be a waterproof layer under the old sidewalks that was not replaced during the remodel.

They say they’re spoken with the city and they are told the matter is being looked in to, but so far no solution has been offered.


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