Puppy in Kansas City recovering from severe burns

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KSHB) – A 4-month-old puppy in Kansas City, Kansas is recovering from severe burns across most her body. On Saturday, she was believed to be set on fire, running down the street.

Now, officers are saying it appears the dog knocked over a skillet full of grease, but they are still investigating.

Veterinarian Sandra Walker is treating Aurora.

“This is not a typical injury that we see. This is something that’s kind of heart wrenching. She’ll probably have scars the rest of her life with this extensive of burns across her body.”

Right now, investigators believe those burns are the result of an accident.

“The story that was on social media and was seen running down the street was not true. An incident occurred with the family that actually owned the puppy,” said Officer Cameron Morgan, Kansas City Police Department. “They have been in contact with us, somehow in the communication this separate story was leaked out that the dog was actually set on fire the dog was never actually set on fire but the dog did sustain burns to him, but it was not by a fire.”

Right now, officers don’t expect to file any charges, but the investigation is far from over and so is Aurora’s road to recovery.

“If this were my pet I’d be heart-broken. I’d be really heartbroken.”

Aurora is also deaf, but shelter workers don’t think that’s the result of the accident.

Police say the owners couldn’t afford to take it to the vet, so they took her to the animal shelter and that no charges will be filed.

The Humane Society is also seeking donations to help pay for Aurora’s surgery and treatment.

Click here to learn more.

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