Valeo celebrates 50 years of service

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Valeo Behavioral Health Care has been serving Topeka and Shawnee County for decades.

On May 3, 2017, Mayor Larry Wolgast presented the company with an award for 50 years of service. Valeo is a nonprofit organization that helps people dealing with mental health issues, substance abuse or even gambling addictions.

The company has helped thousands of people including Kerry Miller. He lost control of his life while he was in Hawaii and got addicted to cocaine for 15 years. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and A.D.D. — along with his constant use of marijuana. Kerry said he put his parents though hell as they watched what the side effects of cocaine did to him. Six years ago, things changed once he made his way inside the doors of Valeo.

“I got medications that helped me stabilize my moods,” Miller said. “I had a case manager that understood what I had been going through. I had a therapist who was compassionate and I had the resources that I did not have before.”

Kerry has been working at Valeo for the past five years and helps others recover from their mental illnesses and/or substance and alcohol abuse. Kerry’s message for everyone is if you want help you can get help whether that’s therapy, recovery or outpatient care.

The company also helped Rebecca Phillips. She excelled in high school, had a babysitting business and even a book contract. In her junior year of high school, things turned for the worse. She became depressed, paranoid and had thoughts of killing herself. Her senior year, she was hospitalized but her condition became worse and she even tried to kill herself. Then she found Valeo, which has helped her the last few years with taking medication and going to support groups.

“I see a counselor in Topeka at a private practice,” Phillips said. “Valeo has been incredible in my recovery…my church, my family.”

Rebecca also has a blog about people who make a difference in the community which got her in touch with writing skills and how to express herself again. She’s also been in a national documentary and has told her story in various cities across the country.


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