Shriners Clinic opening soon to help children’s futures

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – This Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, parents with children under 18 years old that have orthopedic problems, spinal cord issues or burns can go the Arab Shriners Clinic in Downtown Topeka for assistance.

Colton Sturgeon used the clinic years ago after he was diagnosed with scoliosis in 3rd grade. Sturgeon had a 35% curvature in his back and getting a back brace wasn’t something he wanted to do since it wouldn’t straighten his back properly. Doctors told him if they didn’t catch his condition a lot sooner, his situation could’ve gotten a lot worse as he got taller. Now, Sturgeon lives a much happier life with his back at only a 19% curve.

“One of the jokes with some of the other patients I knew at the shrine bowl was…the girl who had a rod said that she could do everything except for bend over and skydive,” Colton said. “And I would always say well I can skydive.”

The clinic also helped out another family in Topeka.

Briley was born with a very rare condition where her foot touched her leg. Her mom, Jennifer Burdiek, went to Shriners Clinic in 2016 when her daughter was 2 years old. The clinic directed her to the hospital in St. Louis that’s been helping every step of the way. Since their visit in 2016, Briley has a lift in her shoe. Burdiek said without the Shriners Clinic, Briley would’ve eventually had hip and knee problems.

“She still till this day has no idea there’s anything wrong with her,” Burdiek said. “She’s your happiest little girl that runs and plays and does what she can.”

Conditions physicians are looking to help with include but aren’t limited to scoliosis, club foot, hip problems, shoulder and arm problems, limb-length differences,  bowed legs, cerebral palsy and rickets. No appointment is necessary. For information call John Sidwell at 785-438-7111. The clinic is located at 1305 S Kansas Avenue in Topeka.

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