Breezier for tomorrow, but still sunny and warm

Hardly a cloud in the sky is expected for tonight as temperatures drop down to near 50 degrees across the region. Winds will shift to be out of the southeast for tomorrow, and will pick up to range from 10 to 20 mph by the afternoon. That southeasterly flow and return of sunny skies will help warm us a little more so for tomorrow with all of the region looking to top out in the low to mid 80s.

There is the slight chance of a rogue shower or two for areas along the Kansas-Nebraska border early Monday morning. Otherwise, the more widespread chance of rain looks to now move in as early as late Tuesday. Rain chances look to spill over all the way into Thursday, with the best chance of thunderstorms looking to happen on Wednesday. As it stands right now though, severe weather does not look to be much of a concern.

We’ll trade out the 80 degree weather for the start of the new week, for the return of temperatures in the 60s by the second half of the week.


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