Protecting your pets from wildlife

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)- As temperatures continue to climb, your pet is likely to spend more time outside. But how can you make sure your furry friend saves safe from outside dangers? Extension and wildlife management specialists at Kansas State University are working to make sure pet owners are aware of the threat for wildlife as the warmer weather approaches.

They say pet owners with animals living outdoors, especially in more rural areas, need to be aware of potential contact with wildlife such as coyotes, bobcats and others. Experts say some of the easiest but more important things you can do to prevent attacks are to not leave food outside after feeding your pet and to keep your pet enclosed while they sleep.

Extension and Wildlife Management Specialist, Charlie Lee, says this can mean the difference between life and death.

He says when wildlife attacks dogs, sometimes it results in a fatality. On cats, however, most of the time it results in a mortality. Often times, the cat is then used as food.

Lee said, “What I see in coyotes attacking dogs is more frequently a competition, and often the dog is just killed, left, and often not used as a food source.”

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