Topekans speak out about water quality

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – We drink it everyday and our life depends on it.

It’s water, and some people here in the capital city say something just isn’t right with it.

“I came downstairs one morning and I went to get a drink of water and I was like what is the deal?” Topeka homeowner Rebecca Stone said. “I thought something was wrong with my drain.”

Travis Hale, another homeowner said, “We had just changed the filter in our water pitchers and I noticed it. I thought to myself, this doesn’t taste right.”

Stone and Hale are two of many Topeka residents who noticed the water wasn’t normal.

Over the last two days, the city of Topeka received half a dozen phone calls about water odor and taste.

Braxton Copley, the Deputy Utilities Director for City of Topeka Utilities says the city is aware of the concerns and they have sent samples of the water off to a lab.

He says they are hoping to have the results by the end of the week, but a preliminary investigation shows the odor and taste changes in the water could be from the recent rain.

Copley also said, “We absolutely take our role and our mission seriously, to be able to provide safe drinking water to our customers.”

The city wants people to know that the water is safe to drink.


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