ESU’s Fornelli named MIAA Coach of the Year; awards announced

Courtesy: MIAA

Kansas City, Mo. – Seven different teams had players earn first team status as the All-MIAA baseball team was announced today.

The MIAA Player of the Year is Missouri Southern third baseman Max Hogan who is leading the league in slugging and on-base percentage. Hogan is hitting 393 on the season with 13 home runs and 55 runs drive in and 56 runs scored. The MIAA Pitcher of the Year is Anthony Caenepeel of Northwest Missouri who is leading the league in strikeouts, is second in wins as he is 8-5 with a 3.33 earned run average and allows opposing hitter a .231 batting average.

The MIAA Co-Freshmen of the Year are Missouri Western shortstop Dusty Stroup and Southwest Baptist outfield Andrew Meier. Stroup is leading the MIAA in triples and is hitting .335 with 40 runs scored. Meier is second in the MIAA in batting average hitting .403 with 28 runs scored and 28 runs driven in.

Rounding out the first team pitching staff are Missouri Western’s Richard Peoples and Central Missouri’s Zach Girrens. Connor Law of Lindenwood was named first team All-MIAA at reliever.

Around the infield with Hogan are Central Missouri first baseman Collin Nevl, and Emporia State second baseman Ryan McBroom and shortstop Levi Ashmore. Behind the plate is Southwest Baptist catcher Hunter Hisky.

In the outfield are Central Missouri’s Justin Graff-Rowe, Lindenwood’s Wes Degener and Missouri Western’s Nick Gawley. Nebraska-Kearney’s Dallas Schramm earned first team honors at designated hitter while Central Missouri utility player Travis Stroup also made the team.

Bob Fornelli was named the MIAA Coach of the Year to their first regular season MIAA championship since 2011.

The MIAA tournament first round gets underway today with games at 9 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. from Warren Turner Field in Joplin, Mo.

Player of the Year: Max Hogan, Sr., 3B, Missouri Southern
Pitcher of the Year: Anthony Caeneppel, Sr., SP, Northwest Missouri
Co-Freshman of the Year: Dusty Stroup, SS, Missouri Western & Andrew Meier, P/OF, Southwest Baptist
Coach of the Year: Bob Fornelli, Emporia State

First Team All-MIAA
Pitcher: Anthony Caenepeel, Sr., Northwest Missouri
Pitcher: Richard Peoples, Sr., Missouri Western
Pitcher: Zach Girrens, Jr., Central Missouri
Relief Pitcher: Connor Law, Sr., Lindenwood
Catcher: Hunter Hisky, So., Southwest Baptist
First Base: Collin Nevil, Jr., Central Missouri
Second Base: Ryan McBroom, Sr., Emporia State
Shortstop: Levi Ashmore, Sr., Emporia State
Third Base: Max Hogan, Sr., Missouri Southern
Outfield: Justin Graff-Rowe, Jr., Central Missouri^
Outfield: Tyler Sutherland, Sr., Missouri Southern^
Outfield: Wes Degener, Jr., Lindenwood^$
Outfield: Nick Gawley, Sr., Missouri Western^
Designated Hitter: Dallas Schramm, Jr., Nebraska-Kearney
Utility: Travis Stroup, Sr., Central Missouri
^=Four outfielders due to tie in the voting
$=Repeat first team selection

Second Team All-MIAA
Pitcher: Seth Holman, Jr., Emporia State
Pitcher: Steven D’Amico, Sr., Central Missouri
Pitcher: Brendan Feldmann, Sr., Lindenwood
Relief Pitcher: Gibson Russ, Sr., Central Oklahoma
Catcher: Mason Brown, Jr., Emporia State
First Base: Kaden Shaffer, Jr., Emporia State
Second Base: David Glaude, Sr., Missouri Western
Shortstop: Jackson Schnurbusch, Sr., Central Missouri
Third Base: Alex White, Sr., Emporia State
Outfield: Andrew Vogelbaugh, Jr., Pittsburg State
Outfield: Mack Gowing, Jr., Emporia State
Outfield: Andrew Meier, Fr., Southwest Baptist
Designated Hitter: Erik Webb, Fr., Central Missouri
Utility: Ty Redington, Sr., Fort Hays State

Third Team All-MIAA
Pitcher: Tanner Cairns, So., Emporia State
Pitcher: Holden Capps, Sr., Central Oklahoma
Pitcher: Nate Hunter, Jr., Missouri Western
Relief Pitcher: Nikko Pablo, Sr., Northwest Missouri
Catcher: Dave Prost, Jr., Missouri Southern
First Base: Joe Paulino, Sr., Missouri Southern
Second Base: Dallas Reed, Jr., Pittsburg State
Shortstop: Riley Krane, Sr., Washburn
Third Base: Caleb Sneed, Jr., Southwest Baptist
Outfield: Travis Able, Jr., Central Missouri*
Outfield: Hunter Clanin, Jr., Pittsburg State*
Outfield: Jake Dyer, Jr., Central Oklahoma*
Outfield: Jordan Payne, Jr., Northeastern State*
Designated Hitter: Chance Wolfe, Sr., Southwest Baptist
Utility: Drew Quinones, Jr., Lindenwood
*= Four outfielders due to tie in the voting

Gold Glove Team
Catcher: Hunter Hisky, So., Southwest Baptist#
Catcher: Mason Brown, Jr., Emporia State#
First Base: Kaden Shaffer, Jr., Emporia State
Second Base: David Glaude, Sr., Missouri Western
Shortstop: Jackson Schnurbusch, Sr., Central Missouri
Third Base: Alex White, Sr., Emporia State
Outfield: Travis Able, Jr., Central Missouri
Outfield: Tyler Sutherland, Sr., Missouri Southern
Outfield: Korey Floyd, Sr., Central Oklahoma
*= Two catchers due to tie in the voting

Honorable Mention
Pitcher: Andrew Eilers, Lindenwood; Kyle Hentis, Lindenwood; Blake Beckmann, Lindenwood; Dustin Agnew, Missouri Western; Zach Parish, Northeastern State; Hunter Neal, Northeastern State; Nolan Sturgeon, Northeastern State; Cody Whiting, Pittsburg State; Brian Womack, Southwest Baptist; Lance Barkley, Washburn.
Relief Pitcher: Tayler Ross, Central Missouri; Nathan Whitcomb, Emporia State; Jared Lloyd, Missouri Western; Ty Rowe, Pittsburg State; Cooper Gardner, Pittsburg State.
Catcher: John Fairchild, Central Missouri; Trevor Hughes, Fort Hays State; Logan Marston, Missouri Western; Chad Reibenspies, Northeastern State; T.J. Martin, Pittsburg State.
First Base: Bailey Zimmer, Missouri Western.
Second Base: Kyle Miskovsky, Central Oklahoma; Tyler Meuhling, Lindenwood; Alec Alvarez, Missouri Southern; Ozzie Adams, Northwest Missouri; Nelson Muniz, Southwest Baptist.
Shortstop: Justin Brown, Central Oklahoma; Richie Gorski, Missouri Southern; Dusty Stroup, Missouri Western; Butch Rea, Northeastern State; Colton Pogue, Pittsburg State; Sean Murley, Southwest Baptist.
Third Base: Dakota Morse, Northeastern State; Landon Figg, Northwest Missouri.
Outfield: BJ Dean, Emporia State; Wade Hanna, Emporia State; Kyle Teter, Lindenwood; Danny Biggs, Missouri Southern; Levi Schreiner, Missouri Western; Andrew Curry, Missouri Western; Garrett Fort, Northwest Missouri; Jovany Urbieta, Southweest Baptist; Clint Jack, Southwest Baptist; Darian Abram, Washburn.
Designated Hitter: Brett Graham, Missouri Southern; Ethan Schlesener, Pittsburg State.
Utility: Jeremy Alvarado, Missouri Western; Dakota Woods, Northeastern State; Luke Hassman, Northwest Missouri.

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