Family says there’s more to Topeka killing

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka family is begging for answers as they prepare to bury their husband and step-father.

KSNT News first reported about the murder of Reginald Moten Tuesday night.

A tough situation for a family as they grieve and plan for a funeral. Moten was murdered in a southeast Topeka neighborhood just steps away from Highland Park Central School.

“I don’t know how to think about daily life without Grandpa, said Moten’s wife Jaqueline. He’s my other half.”

It was an early morning phone call that would notify Moten’s wife and step-daughter of his killing hours after it happened. They tell KSNT News they had been calling hospitals all night, scouring Facebook pages dedicated to scanner activity and holidn out to hope when he didn’t come home.

“He might have been alive when he got to the hospital and we just hope that he wasn’t in any pain and he didn’t die alone,” said Moten’s step-daughter Alexis Corcoran.

The pair said Moten was a stand up guy, a friend to many and the devoted grandfather of a little girl.

Jaqueline Moten said she believes there’s more to the story of what happened to her husband and she urges the public to come forward.

“We will pay you to come forward to tell us what really occurred because he was fine. I was speaking to him non-stop.”

Now the family remembers the man they loved and the sacrifices they said he was always ready to make to bring smiles to their faces.

“Where’s Grandpa at right now?

“In heaven.”

“That’s right…watching us.”

The family tells KSNT News they are offering a $500 reward for any information you may have about Moten’s murder. They believe there’s more to this story and they need your help as police try to sort it all out.

Michael Murphy, 40, has been arrested in the killing and faces a second degree murder charge.

UPDATE: The family of Moten has set-up a GoFund me page. 


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