Someone You Should Know: Alosha Moore

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The saying goes, “Dogs are man’s best friend,” and for a Washburn University Law student and his service dog, that phrase could not be more true.

“He goes on airplanes with me, he goes to the pool when I work out,” said Alosha Moore, about his service dog Frosty. The two do everything together, but on May 13th, they’ll both be graduating from law school, “He’s gone everywhere with me,” Moore said. “Its just fitting that he’s up to graduate with me.”

Frosty has been Moore’s service dog for the past four years, but being blind from glaucoma has been an issue Moore’s dealt with since he was born, “If I was born in the U.S. It would’ve been able to be remedied here no problem.”

Moore was born in Russia, where there wasn’t the proper medical technology to do anything for his sight. He also spent the first 9 years of his life in a Russian orphanage,”I mean you live day by day,” Moore said. “And getting adopted is like literally a dream come true.” In 1998 his dream did come true, when he was adopted by a Wichita area family.

It wasn’t long after that dream came true, he knew what the other would be, become a lawyer, “First and foremost I want to help kids who don’t have a voice,” Moore said. “Kids in orphanages, kids who are trapped in slave trafficking or human trafficking of any kind.”

Right now he’s trying to get a position within the State Department, that way he can work with and influence the policies that the U.S. works with other countries, or to put it simply, he’s going to be a big deal, “I don’t know about a big deal,” Moore said. “But I want to make big things happen.”

Photo Courtesy: Wichers Photography Inc.
Photo Courtesy: Wichers Photography Inc.

But before he can take on the world, he and Frosty still have to graduate together, “That’s really going to highlight it for me, the fact that my best friends up there with me.”

Moore said in two to three years Frosty will retire as his service dog, when that day comes, Moore says he will get a new service dog. However, Frosty will go live with one of Moore’s Washburn Law School professors .


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