Healthy hair tips to combat the summer weather

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) Temperatures are rising, pools are starting to open up, we’re starting to see more humidity, and our hair is beginning to suffer.

Hair stylist Britany Montgomery from Blondie’s Hair Designs in Topeka says, “In the summer, we are just a lot harder on our hair.  We are swimming a lot, going to the lake.  There’s a lot of chemicals, bacteria, stuff like that, that we don’t realize.”

And it’s not just the chemicals we have to worry about. With pools opening up, the presence of hard metals in the water makes green swimmer’s hair a common problem.

“I love to swim, everyone loves to swim in the heat, and because I have such blonde hair, if I don’t go and shower right away with all of the chemicals it will turn green,” says Topeka resident Shelby Revelle.

Montgomery says, “The easiest way is to just use a clarifying shampoo.  Just let it sit on there for a while. It should go away.  If it doesn’t, try it twice and it will definitely go away.”

Many Kansans are also no strangers to the high humidity in the summer time.

“I have naturally straight hair and I get a really weird wave during the day. It’s not a cute beach wave. It just kind of looks like I just woke up or something. So that is kind of hard to tame,” says Revelle.

Topeka stylist Britany Montgomery at Blondie’s Hair Design says good hair products are your best defense against the humidity.

“Serums are great for frizzy hair. So when your hair is wet – before you blow dry, just put a serum in your hair.  Oils are also great.  Argan oils, Moroccan oils, that’s all great for frizz,” says Montgomery.

And don’t forget about UV Protection. Your head can get sun burned too!

Britany suggests to, “Always make sure when you’re out in the sun to treat your scalp with sunscreen. Especially your part line.  Just run the sunscreen along your part line to keep it safe from skin cancer.”

With the temperatures in the 90s and sometimes even reaching triple digits, Britany says more people are pulling their hair back with hairbands.  This causes hair to break and get damaged.  She suggests braiding your hair instead.




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