Field of Greens without power after robbery

Field of Greens is in darkness after someone stole copper wiring to the building.

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  A downtown Topeka restaurant is without power after a robbery early Saturday morning. Field of Greens is closed after someone stole the copper wiring that connects their building to the power pole. They say roughly 100 feet of copper wire was stolen.

“I can’t even imagine why someone would go to so much effort for. It takes so much work to take the piping down off of the wall, remove everything and take all of that time to do it,” said Chris Schultz, co-owner of Field of Greens.

Schultz said they are still determining how much damage the theft caused. He said they had to throw away a lot of food that spoiled when the coolers lost power.

Topeka Police said copper wire theft is quite common in Topeka. According to Topeka Police, home and business owners should have a bright light installed outside their building to deter intruders. They also suggest keeping plants and shrubs trim so intruders can’t hide.

Schultz said they are hoping to have Field of Greens open on Monday, but are having difficulty finding an electrician on Mother’s Day weekend.

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