Letter carriers food drive goal believed to be reached

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – After the 25th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive this past weekend, Harvesters is packed with thousands of pounds of food donated by community members. Though it’s just an estimation as of Monday morning, officials do believe they came close to reaching their goal of 60,000 lbs of food collected over the weekend.

Giant bins fill the inside of Harvesters with labels of “Downtown” and “Sherwood,” highlighting the effort put forth by the whole community.

On Saturday, letter carriers and volunteers picked up grocery bags that were handed out a week before.  Many postal customers filled the bags with cans of soup, boxes of cereal, and bags of rice, among many other foods from the area.

The food will be sorted and then head to one of Harvesters’ twenty-eight food pantries for distribution.

The need for food in the community increases when schools are preparing to let out for summer, as many families rely on school breakfast and lunch for their children.

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