Victims of tornado recall moments before and after disaster struck

BARTON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Imagine having a home, and then seconds later, it is gone. One family in Barton County knows that feeling all too well after a tornado destroyed their home Tuesday night.

“It’s the second time we went through it, with my mom and now my brother,” said Chelsea Link. “I just feel bad for everybody and it’s just hard. It’s not fair, why do good things like this happen to people?”

There probably isn’t an answer to that question. If there was, Link would have found it. Link’s mother lost her home to a tornado ten years ago in Greensburg.

While she cleaned up what’s left of her brother’s home, she reflected on hearing the news a tornado was heading his way.

“I called them and told him that there was a tornado coming and he said they are getting ready to take shelter,” said Link.

Link’s brother, Cody Roach, already knew what was coming.

“I was watching Dave Freeman on the weather,” said Roach. “Thank you Dave. You saved us.”

Roach said he knew the twister was heading towards his home because he could hear it.

“What I describe it as, as a train rolling down the line,” noted Roach. “So when you hear that, you know you need to evac.”

The Roach family knew they only had a short amount of time to seek shelter. They said they rushed to the cellar, which can actually fit 12 people inside. When they saw the tornado coming they said they were able to get the cellar door closed just in time.

Once the twister passed, destruction was left over.

“I seen the carnage and knew there was nothing I could do with it at that point,” said Roach. “So the first thing that come across my mind after I knew my wife and kids were okay is I ran next door I went and checked on my neighbors.”

Beat up cars tangled with family heirlooms remained. Neighbors old pictures scattered everywhere. Two home sharing the same fate.

Together, this family knows they’ve still got the things that matter the most to them, each other.

“Once I seen my brother and sister-in-law standing there it was the most best feeling in the world,” recalled Link. “Just knowing you can run up to them and give them another hug.”

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