Answers on The Dusty Bookshelf reopening

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Good news for The Dusty Bookshelf in Aggieville.

The owner of the bookstore, Diane Meredith, said she’s waiting for their insurance investigation before moving forward.

A fire broke out from stained rags on a self-heating finish on the floor that later caught on fire in March 2017. Meredith said The Dusty Bookshelf was almost finished being remodeled. She also started ordering furniture and bookshelves. Meredith thought she’d never be able to get the bookstore open again, but those feelings have changed.

“We’re feeling better now,” Meredith said. “We’re feeling like we’re ready to get back in there. And the community has been so amazing and so supportive. We can’t go anywhere without someone saying something sweet to us about the bookstore.”

There’s no timeline yet on when they will start over the remodeling process. Once the renovations are finished, The Dusty Bookshelf is expected to have food, drinks, live music, a children’s sections and new seating and reading areas.

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