Kids and parents search for fidget spinners, but why?

(KSNT Photo/Brian Dulle)

(WFLA) — Bottle flipping is so last year! And now, fidget spinners are taking over kid’s lives.

These little gadgets are smaller than your palm and have two to three circles attached to them. Basically, you place the circular pad on your finger tips and spin away. Rhine Reviews explains how they are used.

Kids are infatuated by these spinners and as they get more comfortable they begin experimenting on different surfaces. Videos are flooding in on Youtube of kids playing with fidget spinners on desks, the ground and sometimes even their face.

Manufacturers are also claiming these aren’t just fun to play with, but actually help people with ADHD, anxiety, autism and other conditions.

Critics say Fidget Spinners are counterproductive, and cause classroom distractions.

While the concept of compact toys keeping kids stress free isn’t new, the gadget sure is.

Forbes Magazine even named fidget spinners the 2017 office toy of the year.

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