Race fans say they’ll camp through severe weather

Campers at the NHRA Heartland Nationals say they'll brave the storms to come.

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  Hundreds of race fans are camping at Heartland Park in Topeka despite the threat of severe weather.

The National Hot Road Association Heartland Nationals are in Topeka over the weekend and expected to bring thousands to the area. Despite severe weather, campers at Heartland Park said they’ve weathered worse storms.

“I’ve been organizing this for 20 years and weather is an issue every year,”said Perry Foster. “We’ve seen three funnel clouds over at Forbes Field before and had our campers moved here, but it ain’t stopping this kid.”

For many, bad weather is apart of the experience. Ron Winnett traveled from Oregon for the weekend. Instead of praying for clear skies, he welcomes whatever Kansas has to throw at him.

“You come out here and you expect the rain. I was begging for lightning. I was begging for thunder and if I saw a tornado that would make me happier than a clam. Sorry Kansas,” said Winnett.

While most campers don’t seem to be concerned, one said if the weather gets too bad they’ve been told to seek shelter in the race track restrooms.

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