Strange encounter at Topeka park has local mom concerned

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A strange encounter with a mystery woman has a Topeka mom worried about the safety of her kids.

It happened at Edgewood Park in south Topeka. The mom tells KSNT News she had just started pushing her little girl on the swings when the woman came up beside them and wouldn’t’ leave them alone. Now it has her worried this could happen again and she wants neighbors to be on alert.

They had barely been at the park for five minutes when a woman they had never seen before plopped down on a swing next to Sky Shoulders youngest daughter.

“She went straight for us, sat next to us, and didn’t leave the entire time.”

Shoulders said she immediately felt uncomfortable and told the kids it was time to move to this jungle gym to play on the slides but they weren’t alone for long.

The mom of two said she and her girls come to the park often and up until this scare it was one of their favorite places to play.

“We will not come back, that scared the living daylights out of me.”

The mystery woman who told Shoulders daughter her name was Amy, followed the three out of the park. They say that’s when she made a phone call and hopped into the same car that dropped her off minutes before.

“I have heard a lot of trafficking things in Topeka, little kids going missing and as a single mom I just want to keep my kids close, I don’t want anything to happen to them. I am two pairs of eyes, I have to be there for them.”

Several similar reports have surfaced around town, all involving moms out with their children.

Topeka Police said they have no reports of this activity and therefore can’t investigate. They encourage you to come forward if you have experienced a situation like Sky’s.

Shoulders said if you visit the park, keep your eyes open. She said she’s noticed a lot of unsupervised kids playing there and would hate for something bad to happen.

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