Weak, short-lived tornadoes cause little damage in Kansas

Severe weather

GREAT BEND, Kan. (AP) – Little damage has been reported after a storm churned up several weak, short-lived tornadoes in central Kansas.

The National Weather Service says the storm began producing tornadoes late Thursday afternoon.

The twisters were reported near Larned, Medicine Lodge, Stafford and Great Bend. None of them caused significant damage.

There was some damage to fencing and roofing at the Salina Speedway, but meteorologists haven’t yet determined whether a tornado or strong winds are responsible.

Meteorologist Bill Turner says several storms were occurring at the same time, which reduced the risk of damage. He described it as a “competition thing” and said that “when you get 10 trying to compete for the moisture, none can take over.” He says the worst tornadoes are “by themselves.”

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